3 Wedding Dress Concepts For Broad-Shouldered Brides

Getting married is perhaps the best day of your life, so you'll want every aspect of your wedding day to reflect your happiness, including your dress. But just because you have broad shoulders doesn't mean you have to despair because some lovely cuts are well suited to your body shape, so consider these ideas when getting your wedding dress customised. Consider A Halter Neckline To Minimise The Broadness Of Your Shoulders Read More 

3 Lighting Options For Marquee Weddings

A large number of brides don't get the chance to have a second wedding. This simply means that a bride-to-be should stop at nothing in her quest to have the perfect wedding. A well-lit wedding marquee creates a unique and unmatched ambience that cannot go un-noticed during the wedding or at the reception. Below is a brief exploration of the available lighting options for wedding marquees. Chandeliers Chandeliers are a great option for lighting a wedding marquee. Read More 

Wedding Supplies: 4 Enchanting Ideas to Add Vintage Charm to Your Wedding

Vintage-styled weddings are classically elegant events that cut through the test of time to offer everlasting appeal that never goes out of style. Whether you choose a beautiful Victorian-inspired vintage dress or infuse your reception with classical wedding supplies, your vintage wedding theme is sure to bring your whimsically classic fantasy to life. Here are some enchanting ideas to add vintage charm to your wedding. Embellish with Vintage Inspired Artificial Flowers Read More 

Beats and heartbeats: 5 hip-hop tracks for the perfect first dance

Times are changing and many people want to steer away from tired cliches at their wedding. This means no more cheesy DJs, no ABBA tribute band, and no paper streamers decorating the venue. One of the most cliched aspects of the wedding reception is the first dance. But what if you hate the standard power ballads of the 80s? What if you love to get down to hip-hop jams instead? Well, hip-hop is an expansive genre that isn't all about getting down " Read More 

Tips on Finding a Wedding Dress for 3 Types of Expectant Mothers

If you are expecting a baby and on the way to getting married, finding a suitable wedding dress can be extra challenging. The usual wedding dress policy of ordering your dress 6 months in advance can hit a sudden hurdle if you are planning an earlier wedding or expect you may be a dramatically different shape by the time of your wedding day. Here are some options for expectant mothers, based on your current situation. Read More