3 Lighting Options For Marquee Weddings

A large number of brides don't get the chance to have a second wedding. This simply means that a bride-to-be should stop at nothing in her quest to have the perfect wedding. A well-lit wedding marquee creates a unique and unmatched ambience that cannot go un-noticed during the wedding or at the reception. Below is a brief exploration of the available lighting options for wedding marquees.


Chandeliers are a great option for lighting a wedding marquee. A properly-installed chandelier will act as a charming focal point on the inside. Chandeliers are available in a variety of designs, one of which is bound to blend in well with other aspects of wedding décor.  Chandelier designs commonly used to light wedding marquees include black crystal style chandeliers and their traditional wrought iron counterpart. The brass-finish chandelier is also a favorite choice for a large number of marquee weddings.


An uplighter is a lighting device used to illuminate entire ceilings, walls, and floors by "throwing" the light upward. Uplighters are typically placed on the floor around the walls of a wedding marquee. As such, they provide an attractive light column that remains largely unseen by wedding guests.

Modern floor-standing uplifters use LED technology to provide attractive colour combinations bound to complement the wedding theme. In addition, the various colour combinations can be changed at will without the use of filters and without the changing of bulbs.   

Pin Spots

Pin spots are also an attractive option for wedding marquee lighting. A pin spot is a focused light beam installed on the roof of a wedding marquee that projects into a focal point around the marquee area. Brides-to-be can effectively use pin spots to attract everyone's attention to the wedding cake often placed at the centre of the marquee. They can also be used to illuminate specific flower pots and/ or bouquets spread across the marquee area. Thus, the bride is able to achieve a higher aesthetic value inside the wedding marquee, which often doubles up as her reception venue.

More importantly, a bride who chooses pin spots for marquee lighting can take advantage of this to keep the attention of guests focused on the groom and her during the entire time. It is her big day after all, is it not?

The importance of lighting for the success of marquee weddings cannot be emphasized enough. Prospective brides therefore need to take the time to choose the best lighting option in consultation with their wedding planner or event hire professional.