Wedding Supplies: 4 Enchanting Ideas to Add Vintage Charm to Your Wedding

Vintage-styled weddings are classically elegant events that cut through the test of time to offer everlasting appeal that never goes out of style. Whether you choose a beautiful Victorian-inspired vintage dress or infuse your reception with classical wedding supplies, your vintage wedding theme is sure to bring your whimsically classic fantasy to life. Here are some enchanting ideas to add vintage charm to your wedding.

Embellish with Vintage Inspired Artificial Flowers

Vintage-themed weddings usually rely on pastel colours like pinks, yellows, greens and purples. Incorporate some of these colours into your wedding theme, so that you can create artificial flower posies and sprays in multiple locations to resonate with your vintage-theme. For example, a yellow and green wedding theme represents a beautiful light idea; you can introduce pops of yellow and green coloured flowers to a bevy of areas in the reception to uplift the look of the room dramatically.

Since wedding supplies like artificial flowers can be made from inexpensive materials like crepe paper and cloth, you won't need to worry about expensive fresh flowers eating into your entire wedding budget.

Introduce Family Heirlooms for an Inspired Vintage Feel

Nothing is more nostalgic than introducing family heirlooms like jewellery, gloves, teacups, hats, lace doilies, crocheted table runners and brooches to your wedding décor. Placing them in prominent locations near the bridal couple or as table centrepieces are imaginative ways to create an inspired vintage feel for your wedding. Besides doubling up as exquisite wedding décor, family heirlooms also bring sentimental value to the wedding, making it more personal and romantic.

Vintage Style Dishware to Reminisce About Good Times

For a retro vintage feel to your wedding, introduce wedding supplies like silver trays and trolleys to serve drinks at the reception, stocked with traditional spirits and elegant crystal glasses. You can even find a crystal glass cake stand to hold the wedding cake. Wedding supplies like period cut glass with intricate designs and geometric patterns are popular additions to vintage themed weddings because of their rich and stylish look. They are sure to add dramatic appeal to your reception décor. 

Lace Tablecloths or Table Runners Create Vintage Elegance

Lace tablecloths and table runners can create a look of vintage retro appeal almost instantly, delivering an elegantly sophisticated look for the wedding reception. Choosing subtly beautiful white lace tablecloths will complement any wedding theme with effortless ease to present a striking combination of neutral shades with pops of colour imploring the visual impact of the reception venue.

Consider these enchanting ideas for wedding supplies to add retro charm to your wedding. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Dazzling Decor.