Beats and heartbeats: 5 hip-hop tracks for the perfect first dance

Times are changing and many people want to steer away from tired cliches at their wedding. This means no more cheesy DJs, no ABBA tribute band, and no paper streamers decorating the venue. One of the most cliched aspects of the wedding reception is the first dance. But what if you hate the standard power ballads of the 80s? What if you love to get down to hip-hop jams instead? Well, hip-hop is an expansive genre that isn't all about getting down "in da club". There are actually loads of lovey dovey hip-hop songs that make for moving first dances for wedding receptions. Here are five of your best options.

Kanye West – White Dress. What could be more perfect for a first dance than a song called "White Dress"? For a guy who really wants to show his new wife how much he cares, this choice is perfect. Onlooking guests are sure to gush when they hear the lyric, "Even though I met you in a club in a tight dress, at first sight I could picture you in a white dress" – a fairytale for the modern age.

Brother Ali – My Beloved. This 2012 track from American hip-hop artist, Brother Ali, is about love in all its forms. It is part prayer, part hip hop anthem, and has the perfect tone for an alternative first dance track. Lyrics include "Her soft and elegant, he firm and gallant, words dancing between them hanging in the balance" - the perfect description for an exchange of vows.

The Roots ft Erykah Badu – You Got Me. Taking things back to the 1990s, this soft hip-hop track is all about pledging faith to someone, making it an ideal anthem for a wedding day. Guests will be able to sing along to the chorus of the track, and it even won a Grammy in the 90s..

Fabolous ft Tania – Into You. This hip-hop track by Fabolous is about that kind of next level love that is transcendent – a kind of love that you can't really explain but you have to have. In other words, it's about the kind of love that makes you want to marry someone. Lyrics include "The love is real, there's no way you can feel like it's tainted, but I can't really explain it."  

Visionaries – If You Can't Say Love. This track is about how love transcends all and it can be found in everything. Every guest is sure to swoon when the happy couple dances to the lyric, "life is love, my wife is love".