Tips on Finding a Wedding Dress for 3 Types of Expectant Mothers

If you are expecting a baby and on the way to getting married, finding a suitable wedding dress can be extra challenging. The usual wedding dress policy of ordering your dress 6 months in advance can hit a sudden hurdle if you are planning an earlier wedding or expect you may be a dramatically different shape by the time of your wedding day. Here are some options for expectant mothers, based on your current situation.

A bride with a short engagement & early pregnancy

If you are hoping to get married soon and won't be that far along in your pregnancy, you'll probably be able to fit into most of the rack dresses. Be sure to let the bridal shop know that your wedding day is approaching rapidly and look for styles that area not super structured through the waist such as an empire waist bridal dress. You may still need modifications close to the day in case you "pop" so make sure the last alteration is as late as possible.

A bride with a short engagement & later pregnancy

If you are planning to get married soon, but have progressed further you may need to broaden your search. You may be able to find an off-the-rack maternity gown, however if you're looking for colors other than white, off-the-rack bridesmaids are often easier to find and you may be able to find a suitable dress in a lighter pink, cream or silver.

Equally you can find a larger size and get it modified to suit you but may still find that your size can change quite substantially, sometimes in unexpected directions, in the next few weeks. Be wary of changing rooms "bump" pillows, which often won't mimic how you may end up carrying your baby bump.

A bride with a longer engagement

If your engagement is longer you may either be dealing with a substantial (and unknown) baby bump, or a (unknown) post partum body size and shape. If you will be pregnant,organising a maternity wedding dress is a great idea as these often have a significant seam allowance built in for alterations.

Don't feel pressured into choosing a loose and flowing style either, as a pregnant bride can be a great way to show off that bump in a form fitting mermaid dress or body-con style. If you are going to be getting married post partum, it may be worth planning around the shape you are at 4-5 months pregnant. You can always get the gown altered if you end up losing the weight quicker, or find some killer shape wear.

Congratulations on starting your new family and this new stage of your life! For more information or assistance, start contacting local businesses like Regalia Bridal & Formal.