3 Epic Ways to Make a Wedding Car Limo Stand Out

Limousine hire is perhaps one of the most conventional wedding traditions for most couples. Wedding cars have become synonymous with the bridal ensemble, so it must be perfect, while reflecting your personality and character. But how do you do that when you hire a car?

Limousine hire doesn't have to mean conventional black and white limousines or regular decorations that are available a dime a dozen. For a truly unique wedding, you'll want every aspect of your wedding to stand out and that includes the transport you hire. Here are some epic ways to make your wedding car limo stand out in exclusivity. 

Colour Up the Evening With Something Funky

You don't have to follow tradition if you want to add some spunk to your wedding. There's no written rule that says that wedding limos have to either be black or white. In fact, why not add a little dazzle to the evening with a totally unique orange or pink funky colour? 

A pink or blue wedding limo is sure to create a dramatic effect for an unforgettable evening, while also glamming up your wedding photographs. Get your photographer to take fun shots of the entire bridal entourage against a delightful setting for truly unique wedding memories.

Get Unconventional With Décor

There's no reason why limo decorations have to be pastel flowers bouquets, wreaths and swathes of flowers throughout. Why not get a little unconventional with your car décor ideas to be truly unique? For example, metallic crepe paper streamers paired with tissue paper is a fun and inexpensive way to embellish the wedding car.

Tie the steamers to the side view mirrors, antenna, door handles or even the hubcaps. Use glass markers to write fun messages on the windows like JUST MARRIED or HONK! WE'RE MARRIED on the windows, instead of the conventional areas near the licence plate. Balloons add a fun and informal touch to the wedding car. Place balloons all around the car to grab attention while also creating an eclectic backdrop for amazing wedding photos.

Go Vintage with a Modern Twist for Ultra Glamour

Want to really glam up your wedding day? Choose a beautiful vintage limo instead of the conventional modern stretch limos that have become a common sight at weddings. Give it a modern twist with unique décor ideas that are testament to your character and personality. For example, add some eccentric car decals of your favourite art paintings or locations to give your wedding vintage limo an exclusive finish.

Always discuss your unconventional décor ideas with the limousine hire company beforehand, so you don't get slapped with an expensive cleaning bill later.