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3 Wedding Dress Concepts For Broad-Shouldered Brides

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Getting married is perhaps the best day of your life, so you’ll want every aspect of your wedding day to reflect your happiness, including your dress. But just because you have broad shoulders doesn’t mean you have to despair because some lovely cuts are well suited to your body shape, so consider these ideas when getting your wedding dress customised. Consider A Halter Neckline To Minimise The Broadness Of Your Shoulders A halter neckline is the ideal option for broad-shouldered brides because the way these dresses are cut can help to minimise the width of your shoulders. Halter necklines can make your arms look slimmer with the narrowing down of your shoulders, making them ideal choices for your body shape. You can combine the halter neckline with a ball gown, princess line or A-line hem to infuse volume into the lower half of your body for a more balanced overall outcome. Ideally, you will want to avoid thin straps or strapless dresses because they can accentuate the broadness of your shoulders and make you look bigger than you actually are. Avoid Too Much Lace Or Bead Detailing On Your Bodice Keep in mind that you’re trying to narrow down your shoulders for a more balanced outcome, so you may want to avoid too much detailing on your wedding dress bodice. Over detailing can make your bust look large and your body may appear too top heavy. For example, filling the bodice with textured lace and beads will make the area near your bust look too crowded and will fill you out, which is just what you’re looking to avoid. The best thing you can do is to keep it simple with elegant lace and minimal bead detailing to create the impression of slender shoulders. Draw Attention To The Slimness Of Your Waist With A Tightened Waistline The best part of having wider shoulders and a bottom heavy dress is that you can accentuate the slimness of your waist when paired up against the two. Creating a tighter waistline will focus on your natural body curves while defining your waistline without making you look too bulky or heavy on the top or bottom. The tighter waistline also will help to narrow down your hips and give you a beautifully curved appearance on your wedding day. You obviously want to look your best on your wedding day, so don’t let your broad shoulders weigh you down. Instead, celebrate their beauty and use them to your advantage with these ideas. Overall, it can be best to consider getting a custom bridal gown that truly encompasses all of your dress...

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3 Lighting Options For Marquee Weddings

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A large number of brides don’t get the chance to have a second wedding. This simply means that a bride-to-be should stop at nothing in her quest to have the perfect wedding. A well-lit wedding marquee creates a unique and unmatched ambience that cannot go un-noticed during the wedding or at the reception. Below is a brief exploration of the available lighting options for wedding marquees. Chandeliers Chandeliers are a great option for lighting a wedding marquee. A properly-installed chandelier will act as a charming focal point on the inside. Chandeliers are available in a variety of designs, one of which is bound to blend in well with other aspects of wedding décor.  Chandelier designs commonly used to light wedding marquees include black crystal style chandeliers and their traditional wrought iron counterpart. The brass-finish chandelier is also a favorite choice for a large number of marquee weddings. Uplighters An uplighter is a lighting device used to illuminate entire ceilings, walls, and floors by “throwing” the light upward. Uplighters are typically placed on the floor around the walls of a wedding marquee. As such, they provide an attractive light column that remains largely unseen by wedding guests. Modern floor-standing uplifters use LED technology to provide attractive colour combinations bound to complement the wedding theme. In addition, the various colour combinations can be changed at will without the use of filters and without the changing of bulbs.    Pin Spots Pin spots are also an attractive option for wedding marquee lighting. A pin spot is a focused light beam installed on the roof of a wedding marquee that projects into a focal point around the marquee area. Brides-to-be can effectively use pin spots to attract everyone’s attention to the wedding cake often placed at the centre of the marquee. They can also be used to illuminate specific flower pots and/ or bouquets spread across the marquee area. Thus, the bride is able to achieve a higher aesthetic value inside the wedding marquee, which often doubles up as her reception venue. More importantly, a bride who chooses pin spots for marquee lighting can take advantage of this to keep the attention of guests focused on the groom and her during the entire time. It is her big day after all, is it not? The importance of lighting for the success of marquee weddings cannot be emphasized enough. Prospective brides therefore need to take the time to choose the best lighting option in consultation with their wedding planner or event hire...

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Wedding Supplies: 4 Enchanting Ideas to Add Vintage Charm to Your Wedding

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Vintage-styled weddings are classically elegant events that cut through the test of time to offer everlasting appeal that never goes out of style. Whether you choose a beautiful Victorian-inspired vintage dress or infuse your reception with classical wedding supplies, your vintage wedding theme is sure to bring your whimsically classic fantasy to life. Here are some enchanting ideas to add vintage charm to your wedding. Embellish with Vintage Inspired Artificial Flowers Vintage-themed weddings usually rely on pastel colours like pinks, yellows, greens and purples. Incorporate some of these colours into your wedding theme, so that you can create artificial flower posies and sprays in multiple locations to resonate with your vintage-theme. For example, a yellow and green wedding theme represents a beautiful light idea; you can introduce pops of yellow and green coloured flowers to a bevy of areas in the reception to uplift the look of the room dramatically. Since wedding supplies like artificial flowers can be made from inexpensive materials like crepe paper and cloth, you won’t need to worry about expensive fresh flowers eating into your entire wedding budget. Introduce Family Heirlooms for an Inspired Vintage Feel Nothing is more nostalgic than introducing family heirlooms like jewellery, gloves, teacups, hats, lace doilies, crocheted table runners and brooches to your wedding décor. Placing them in prominent locations near the bridal couple or as table centrepieces are imaginative ways to create an inspired vintage feel for your wedding. Besides doubling up as exquisite wedding décor, family heirlooms also bring sentimental value to the wedding, making it more personal and romantic. Vintage Style Dishware to Reminisce About Good Times For a retro vintage feel to your wedding, introduce wedding supplies like silver trays and trolleys to serve drinks at the reception, stocked with traditional spirits and elegant crystal glasses. You can even find a crystal glass cake stand to hold the wedding cake. Wedding supplies like period cut glass with intricate designs and geometric patterns are popular additions to vintage themed weddings because of their rich and stylish look. They are sure to add dramatic appeal to your reception décor.  Lace Tablecloths or Table Runners Create Vintage Elegance Lace tablecloths and table runners can create a look of vintage retro appeal almost instantly, delivering an elegantly sophisticated look for the wedding reception. Choosing subtly beautiful white lace tablecloths will complement any wedding theme with effortless ease to present a striking combination of neutral shades with pops of colour imploring the visual impact of the reception venue. Consider these enchanting ideas for wedding supplies to add retro charm to your wedding. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Dazzling...

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Beats and heartbeats: 5 hip-hop tracks for the perfect first dance

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Times are changing and many people want to steer away from tired cliches at their wedding. This means no more cheesy DJs, no ABBA tribute band, and no paper streamers decorating the venue. One of the most cliched aspects of the wedding reception is the first dance. But what if you hate the standard power ballads of the 80s? What if you love to get down to hip-hop jams instead? Well, hip-hop is an expansive genre that isn’t all about getting down “in da club”. There are actually loads of lovey dovey hip-hop songs that make for moving first dances for wedding receptions. Here are five of your best options. Kanye West – White Dress. What could be more perfect for a first dance than a song called “White Dress”? For a guy who really wants to show his new wife how much he cares, this choice is perfect. Onlooking guests are sure to gush when they hear the lyric, “Even though I met you in a club in a tight dress, at first sight I could picture you in a white dress” – a fairytale for the modern age. Brother Ali – My Beloved. This 2012 track from American hip-hop artist, Brother Ali, is about love in all its forms. It is part prayer, part hip hop anthem, and has the perfect tone for an alternative first dance track. Lyrics include “Her soft and elegant, he firm and gallant, words dancing between them hanging in the balance” – the perfect description for an exchange of vows. The Roots ft Erykah Badu – You Got Me. Taking things back to the 1990s, this soft hip-hop track is all about pledging faith to someone, making it an ideal anthem for a wedding day. Guests will be able to sing along to the chorus of the track, and it even won a Grammy in the 90s.. Fabolous ft Tania – Into You. This hip-hop track by Fabolous is about that kind of next level love that is transcendent – a kind of love that you can’t really explain but you have to have. In other words, it’s about the kind of love that makes you want to marry someone. Lyrics include “The love is real, there’s no way you can feel like it’s tainted, but I can’t really explain it.”   Visionaries – If You Can’t Say Love. This track is about how love transcends all and it can be found in everything. Every guest is sure to swoon when the happy couple dances to the lyric, “life is love, my wife is...

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Tips on Finding a Wedding Dress for 3 Types of Expectant Mothers

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If you are expecting a baby and on the way to getting married, finding a suitable wedding dress can be extra challenging. The usual wedding dress policy of ordering your dress 6 months in advance can hit a sudden hurdle if you are planning an earlier wedding or expect you may be a dramatically different shape by the time of your wedding day. Here are some options for expectant mothers, based on your current situation. A bride with a short engagement & early pregnancy If you are hoping to get married soon and won’t be that far along in your pregnancy, you’ll probably be able to fit into most of the rack dresses. Be sure to let the bridal shop know that your wedding day is approaching rapidly and look for styles that area not super structured through the waist such as an empire waist bridal dress. You may still need modifications close to the day in case you “pop” so make sure the last alteration is as late as possible. A bride with a short engagement & later pregnancy If you are planning to get married soon, but have progressed further you may need to broaden your search. You may be able to find an off-the-rack maternity gown, however if you’re looking for colors other than white, off-the-rack bridesmaids are often easier to find and you may be able to find a suitable dress in a lighter pink, cream or silver. Equally you can find a larger size and get it modified to suit you but may still find that your size can change quite substantially, sometimes in unexpected directions, in the next few weeks. Be wary of changing rooms “bump” pillows, which often won’t mimic how you may end up carrying your baby bump. A bride with a longer engagement If your engagement is longer you may either be dealing with a substantial (and unknown) baby bump, or a (unknown) post partum body size and shape. If you will be pregnant,organising a maternity wedding dress is a great idea as these often have a significant seam allowance built in for alterations. Don’t feel pressured into choosing a loose and flowing style either, as a pregnant bride can be a great way to show off that bump in a form fitting mermaid dress or body-con style. If you are going to be getting married post partum, it may be worth planning around the shape you are at 4-5 months pregnant. You can always get the gown altered if you end up losing the weight quicker, or find some killer shape wear. Congratulations on starting your new family and this new stage of your life! For more information or assistance, start contacting local businesses like Regalia Bridal &...

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3 Epic Ways to Make a Wedding Car Limo Stand Out

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Limousine hire is perhaps one of the most conventional wedding traditions for most couples. Wedding cars have become synonymous with the bridal ensemble, so it must be perfect, while reflecting your personality and character. But how do you do that when you hire a car? Limousine hire doesn’t have to mean conventional black and white limousines or regular decorations that are available a dime a dozen. For a truly unique wedding, you’ll want every aspect of your wedding to stand out and that includes the transport you hire. Here are some epic ways to make your wedding car limo stand out in exclusivity.  Colour Up the Evening With Something Funky You don’t have to follow tradition if you want to add some spunk to your wedding. There’s no written rule that says that wedding limos have to either be black or white. In fact, why not add a little dazzle to the evening with a totally unique orange or pink funky colour?  A pink or blue wedding limo is sure to create a dramatic effect for an unforgettable evening, while also glamming up your wedding photographs. Get your photographer to take fun shots of the entire bridal entourage against a delightful setting for truly unique wedding memories. Get Unconventional With Décor There’s no reason why limo decorations have to be pastel flowers bouquets, wreaths and swathes of flowers throughout. Why not get a little unconventional with your car décor ideas to be truly unique? For example, metallic crepe paper streamers paired with tissue paper is a fun and inexpensive way to embellish the wedding car. Tie the steamers to the side view mirrors, antenna, door handles or even the hubcaps. Use glass markers to write fun messages on the windows like JUST MARRIED or HONK! WE’RE MARRIED on the windows, instead of the conventional areas near the licence plate. Balloons add a fun and informal touch to the wedding car. Place balloons all around the car to grab attention while also creating an eclectic backdrop for amazing wedding photos. Go Vintage with a Modern Twist for Ultra Glamour Want to really glam up your wedding day? Choose a beautiful vintage limo instead of the conventional modern stretch limos that have become a common sight at weddings. Give it a modern twist with unique décor ideas that are testament to your character and personality. For example, add some eccentric car decals of your favourite art paintings or locations to give your wedding vintage limo an exclusive finish. Always discuss your unconventional décor ideas with the limousine hire company beforehand, so you don’t get slapped with an expensive cleaning bill...

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